Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marvels From 1954's The Family Physician -- Or Bad HMO?

Within the pages of The Family Physician, by Dr. Herman Pomeranz & Dr. Irvin S. Koll, 1954, there are many things to marvel at. On the inset photo page between 142 & 143 we find the following marvels:

A Miracle Of Modern Science

Nail swallowed by four-year-old boy was successfully withdrawn from his duodenum when doctors induced him to gulp chocolate malted milk containing magnet attached to a thread. X-ray shows magnet in contact with nail, which appears as curved line beneath it.


Photograph shows doctor removing his own appendix; assistant and nurse helped him to hold instruments. He did this to "get patient's attitude."
If I had to choose between gulping chocolate milk with a magnet & thread (just like mom used to make!) or operating on myself, I'd gulp, baby.

I can't even understand the "get patient's attitude" dealio-mcbob. I mean are there patients who actually operate on themselves? Or was the unnamed doc responding to those patients who, like visitors to art galleries, think they can do that themselves.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

It Could Happen To You!

Yes, it COULD happen to you!

You're minding your own business, wearing your gasoline-soaked paper clothes and high heels, standing with one foot stuck in a pile of leaves, only to be surprised -- surprised -- the dead, dry leaves spontaneously combust and fire races up your leg, exploding your coat into huge flames before you realize what's happening. Oh, and you're a woman, so it's pretty much guaranteed that you're going to screw up raking leaves in a hideous, maiming way. It's March 21, 1964, and The Farmer magazine needs to sell some insurance; crank up the horror and fears of lonely farmwives, who can barely be trusted with the most basic of lawncare, and encourage them that any task you perform around the farm could quickly cause you to burn alive. Stay away from milking the cows, ma; remember what the insurance company said!

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