Monday, November 16, 2009

Pepe Le Pew Eeeiiwww

This isn't really Pepe Le Pew, but this vintage ceramic dish or ashtray (the edge is more scalloped than having cigarette divots) featuring a skunk made me go "Eeeiiwww" when I discovered someone had bothered to paint the underside of his tail yellow. Oddly charming to some, I suppose; but I didn't buy it. Handling it to take photos for you was all I was willing to do.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mustache Menagerie!

Movember is, apparently, a big deal in the mustache community: the Movember foundation uses the month of November for fundraising to help men's health issues, particularly testicular and prostate diseases. Pepsi has provided this helpful guide to mustache creation, appearing like polystyrene model parts on sprues:

You may recognize that the ad appeared in Maxim; yes, I have one of those fun 'for professionals' free subscriptions — what's your excuse for reading Maxim, hmmm? I already have a mustache, which is my excuse for not using the promised 'time-lapse' Facebook mustashe-growing app, which I was unable to find.

Anyhow, even being a woman is no excuse for not having facial hair. The appropriately-named I Made You A Beard is fully and completely ready to undertake the task of providing women a beard of their very own:

Would it be wrong of me to think women in Crayola-colored yarn beards are totally hot? Theoretically, I mean, if somebody were to think such a thing, that is. I mean, if somebody spent all day thinking at great length about what it would be like to kiss a woman wearing one of these - again, theoretically - what, I , well, if that...never mind, I'm not sure where I'm going with this thought process.

Anyhow, woman aren't the only mustacheless people to benefit from a fake mustache. That other kind of people: dogs.
Yes, dogs can participate in Movember by gnawing on the rubber ball end of the Humunga Stache. This is provided that you can get the dog to chew on it the right way; one of our dogs is horribly stupid, and would probably injure herself trying to use the toy improperly. The Humunga Stache appears to be only available in the UK, hence the British bulldog who appears to have lost his pith helmet and monocle while on a tiger hunt in darkest Burma.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Perhaps They Mean Emo Philips?

While I'm not entirely sure what the hell "emo" really is anymore, I'm convinced the seller of this bowling pin floor mat using a "FLOOR MAT BOWLING PINS Kitschy Cool Retro Punk Emo Gift" auction title knows even less.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mouseketeer's Talent Round-Up Record

Retro Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club record Mouseketeer's Talent Round-Up, #653, copyright, 1975; the 45 has the following songs: We're The Mouseketeers, A Rollin' Stone, Talent Round-up, and Hi To You.

The record itself has a big straight split, so I can't play it -- but I can't toss it either. Maybe there's a collector out there who really really needs this cover. Maybe I can discover a way to mend & play the 45. Maybe, maybe, maybe...

This is why I blog; to excuse the crap I hold onto under the guise of helping another collector find what they need.

Thanks to reruns playing after school during my teen babysitting years, every time I spy this on my shelf (and that happens more often than you might think), I hear the Mickey Mouse Club Today Is Tuesday song:

Today is Tuesday, you know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest
So get out the broom and sweep the place clean.
And dust off the mat so the welcome can be seen.
Roll out the carpet, strike up the band,
And give out with a Hip, Hooray!
Wiggle your ears like good Mouseketeers.
We're gonna present a guest today
'Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!
This has nothing to do with the songs on this record, I suspect; but if I must have an earworm, you will too.

That would also be why I blog.

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