Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Delta Shop Units Are Complete Tools"

And to prove it, the 1953 catalog wants to show you that the little woman can even use the drill press.

One of the inset photos shows a woman with the Delta Shop drill press and the text reads, "Easy to swing drill press into position -- no heavy motor to lift. Tool is perfectly balanced."

And isn't that what every 50's man wanted -- a woman in his shop?

But the reality is that the little woman may object to you buying yourself a pricey, manly toy. In order to over-come any protests on her part, be sure to remind her how practical it is: "Mix foods, salad dressings, meringues, paints and similar things with your drill press."

Mmm, the vinegar and oil salad dressing finally has that manly smell & taste Dad loves!

Of course, if your little woman was one who had herself a job during the war, she really might want to use it. So let her use the drill press to clean those pots and pans; it's "one of many types of jobs women will appreciate."

Delta Shop units, complete tools indeed.

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