Monday, January 21, 2008

The Vintage Modern Woman: Celeb Baby Edition

Today my column at Collectors' Quest is on vintage women's publications, and so, surrounded by stacks of vintage magazines proclaiming to solve the problems of modern women, I've become obsessed... I can't bury them all again. I won't bury them all again. And so I bring you Modern Woman Mondays.

Today's bit is from Modern Woman Magazine, "a magazine published by the ice industry", George M. Wessells, Publisher. This specific issue is Volume 16, Number 1, copyright, 1947; Carolyn Hunter, Editor, and J. Russell Calvert, Associate.

We turn your attention to pages 10 - 11, Star Babies, by Modena Kyle:
Once upon a time -- not too many years ago -- it was not considered good publicity for a motion picture star to be called mother or dad. If a glamour gal or guy delighted in the patter of little feet around the home, it was never noised abroad.

But parenthood is nowadays deemed an asset to a star's box office appeal -- which is one indication that the general public has achieved healthier moral values.

Most of the famous men and women in Hollywood are as eager for children, when they marry, as any other normal people. In fact, there are few of the leading women stars who do not play the role of mother in real life.

We have gathered pictures of many well-known parents and their children. The faces of these parents are famous, but the look of pride and love is the same as in any other family pictures.

(Left column) Below, the top picture shows baby Teresa and Mother Virginia O'Brien, dead-pan singer who was featured in "The Harvey Girls." The lower picture is Judy Garland and her tiny daughter Liza.
(Right column) In the top picture, Gloria De Haven and John Payne beam over daughter Kathleen. Bottom picture, Richard Quine and his wife Susan Peters get a big smile from their son Timothy, who seems to enjoy his view of happy people.
Photos (click to enlarge!), with descriptions, from the second page:

Allan Ladd, above, who starred in "The Blue Dahlia," gets a hug and kiss from daughter Alana. Her mother is former screen actress Sue Carol.

William Bendix, husky comic, gives baby Stephanie her dinner. Below is Mexican star Ricardo Montalban with his wife and daughter Laura.

Blonde Lana Turner explains the science of hobby-horse riding to her brunette daughter Cheryl. Lana really likes her role as mother.

Above, Judith Ann, daughter of Brian Donlevy, looks very serious about having her picture taken. Below is Patrick Knowles at home with his family.

Van Heflin, above, can play any type of character assigned to him, but none can equal his enjoyment in that of "Dad" to daughter Vana.

Above Jane Wyman's record player fascinates son Michael and daughter Maureen. Below, James Craig tackles the inevitable problem of dry didies.
Update: Just found info on cover models buried on page 14. "Our cover shows lovely Ann Southern with her tiny daughter Patricia Ann -- nicknamed "Tisha" by Ann and husband Robert Sterling."

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