Friday, March 7, 2008

Craft-Scan Fridays: Accident On The Stairs

When I think of fun with the kids, restraining their arms, reducing their ability to see, and encouraging them to run around the house in nothing but slippery-footed leotards is exactly what I want...followed up by a fun and exciting family trip to the emergency room.

These 'decorated paper bag costumes' could have arm-holes, but only for aesthetic reasons by 'creating animal creature with holes at sides so that arms can extend in hornlike fashion' [all sic] Sorry, Billy, horns ruin the lines of your monster's face -- you can stumble around without arms for a while.

No, those aren't the tiniest children ever (although doing this to a 18-month-old using a grocer's sack would make for excellent YouTube) -- the article recommends getting giant paper bags from your dry cleaners...despite the safety-free designs, McCall's magazine had the foresight to warn not to use a plastic bag. Apparently their in-house testing didn't go so well.

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