Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Love Chiquita Banana, So I'm Here To Say...

Chiquita Banana was inspired by Carmen Miranda, and so before Chiquita was an animated banana, there was The Terry Twins in Chiquita Banana (1946):

Chiquita Banana was then drawn by artist Dik Browne who also drew the Campbell Soup kids and Hagar the Horrible.

According to Weird Wild Realm:
Patty Clayton was the first radio voice of Chiquita for radio in 1944, followed by Elsa Miranda for 1945-6 promotional tour. Elsa Puerto Rican not related to the Brazillian singer in the fruit hat who inspired the character of Chiquita Banana.
Also see Animation Archive's Chiquita Banana theatrical animation info.

Here's the original Chiquita Banana theatrical ad:

Chiquita became so popular that parody ensued... I give you Juanita Banana by the Peels (1965).

In 1987 artist Oscar Grillo, creator of the Pink Panther, transformed Chiquita Banana from banana woman into a woman. And that's about when I lost interest in her.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wasn't the first real life 'chicata banana girl' played by Charo ?

August 17, 2009 1:37 PM  

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