Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bray-Bray The Donkay

The kids thought this little vintage donkey was the donkey from Pinocchio; we had to explain that back at that time, nearly all donkeys had that huge-ear look.

I, of course, was smitten by the ears -- but it was the remnants of fur on the figurine which made me whine and have the cashier at the thrift store bring her out from behind the glass so I could photograph her. You know she's expensive if she's behind the counter...

Not only is her mane real, but the saddle blanket is cloth. On her belly is a golden sticker stating she's hand painted in Japan, produced by the Ries company. But still, she was priced at $8.99 -- and they don't negotiate at the thrift stores. No matter how much you whine.


She was put away.

Hubby occasionally caves to my whining; that day he gave in. Bray-Bray The Donkay now lives with my other figurines with fur. Wo0t!

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Blogger jason said...

Cute! Especially the furry ass.

But you're totally right about the best stuff being behind glass. Here they put all the used electric razors behind glass...I suppose to dissuade the uncontrolabe lust for shoplifting used electric razors that comes upon even the best of us.

November 10, 2008 7:50 PM  

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