Do Pistol-Packin’ Mamas Raise Rifle-Using Daughters?

Another one of the Dolly Toy Company pinups, this one featuring a gun-toting toddler defending the stagecoach. OK, so many she’s not a toddler. …But then again, maybe the little girl isn’t defending the stagecoach either. You can see the rest of the pieces in this set here, in our Etsy shop. (Better look quick — these vintage nursery pieces sell fast in our store!)

vintage dolly toy co stagecoach robbery pinup

Sail Away, MacGyver Style

Have you ever dreamed of just buying a houseboat, sailing away, and fighting crime under the auspices of a shadowy nongovernmental entity? Well now you can!

 Yes, for a limited time only, the houseboat featured on the 1980s adventure series MacGyver is up for sale! It’s not the first time it’s been on eBay, and it apparently goes up for sale quite regularly.  The owner has been trying to part with the MacGyver boat for years now, and I can see why:  I watched MacGyver religiously when I was younger, and every single person that set foot on that boat got shot at, was kidnapped, barely escaped being blown up, and at one point was almost crushed in the back of a garbage truck if not for MacGyver’s ingenuity in getting out of a tight scrape.  If the MacGyver houseboat doesn’t come with a fully-functional MacGyver to save me from international terrorists or mobsters, it’s much too dangerous for me to own.

To The Moon, Pflug!

Instructions for making a rocket which “works on the same principal as NASA’s” out of a paper bag and a balloon. Another scan from 1968’s Funny Bags book, this time I know why I like it.

How We Travel(ed)

More pages with photos from How We Travel, by James Franklin Chamberlain, an antique school reader. Shown here are a Belgian milk-cart, pulled by a dog, and a “peculiar vehicle” called the jaunting car, from Ireland, pulled by a horse.

Mr. Statistic Scarier Than Mr. Yuck?

Two Los Angeles police officers help Mr. Statistic warn drivers about traffic fatalities on the upcoming Labor Day weekend in 1952. (Via.)

But is he more compelling than Mr. Yuck?

For You Flyboys

The 2012 Collector’s Calendar from Secrets In Lace features pinups wearing classic lingerie posing in front of WWII airplanes. Yeah, airplanes, that’s why we said “flyboys.” Yeah, that’s it. Pinup photographs taken by Michael Malak.