To The Moon, Pflug!

Instructions for making a rocket which “works on the same principal as NASA’s” out of a paper bag and a balloon. Another scan from 1968’s Funny Bags book, this time I know why I like it.

“Ride Him, Cowboy!”

I guess because this photo was found in the First Armored Division Association Bulletin, “Old Ironsides,”, No. 3, Vol. XV, Winter 1963 – 64 (Leo B. Connor, editor), the colloquial use of “’em” in “Ride ’em, Cowboy!” was a no-no for a photo caption.

Sgt Maj Robert H. Hileman, Hg Btry, 3/2nd artillery, is ready to take off for another hitch with the Honest Johns of the 1st Armored Division. With 18 years of service already behind him, he wasted no time in civil life. He is a Korean veteran and the Communication Chief of his battalion.

Craft Scan Friday: Nifty Nerds & Space Age Puppets

Nifty nerds posting with groovy kitschy puppets; photo found inside Space Age Puppets and Masks by M. C. Green and B. R. H. Targett, published by Plays, Inc, 1969. (My copy, a stated First American Edition, is available.)

Last Minute Space Costumes

From Simple Toymaking, by Sheila Jackson (1966), how to make a “Dalek mask (for imaginary space creature).”

(Missing instructions, from next page: Protect acetate with paper and spray mask with a silver paint aerosol.

Get yourself some tinfoil and a deep purple wig, modify the bangs with a scissors, and Voila! you’re a moonbase women of UFO.