Hats Off To The Gun-Toting Cookie

I love cookie cutters, so it kinda kills me to sell this vintage aluminum one depicting a cowboy — or a soldier. The guns say “cowboy”, but the hat says, well, I’m not sure what… In any case, it’s no wonder folks can’t catch the gingerbread man — he’s packin’ heat! Another pic here. Keep up with more of what we sell here and here.

gun toting vintage cookie cutter

Salting Away Your Money

Kitschy vintage salt and pepper shakers, souvenirs from Gooseberry Falls. One in the shape of a safe, the other a golden moneybag, it may have some political statement when the rise of tourism in the 1920s created a concern that the area would be accessible only to the rich.

I Can’t Make Heads Or Tails Of This Vintage S&P Set

I can’t imagine a dachshund-lover would find this kitschy vintage salt and pepper shaker charming…

It’s not the dog’s hat, or the tie on his tail; butt but the fact that you cut the dog in half to use a shaker!

If you don’t mind half-ing a dog to make your meal more flavorful, you can find this vintage bit of kitsch at Exit 55 Antiques. (No, it is not in our case!)