Dog Laundry

dog-laundry-true-story-1939Ah, the cutthroat world of dog launderers.   From what I can tell, this “Billy and Betty Adventure” from the April 1940 issue of  True Story magazine   involved a pint-sized mob extortion, probably laundering dogs used during cocaine transactions.  You know, you sell a bunch of coke, get a truckload of dogs, but you can’t just spend those dogs, otherwise people will be able to track the dope back to you.  So, you blackmail Billy and Betty into laundering your dogs, which clears the trail and keeps the DEA off your back.  Sounds legit?  Yeah, I should’ve just read the story.


Happiness Is Flying High & Not Jiggling

That’s Marge Redmond, the actress who played Sister Jacqueline in The Flying Nun, sporting a very kitschy robe while sitting at the makeup mirror. This photo was part of an article in Inside Movie Magazine, November 1968.

Marge Redmond Sister Jacqueline Flying Nun

Once upon a time, Redmond was flying high as the wife of Jack Weston; but they would divorce and Redmond would not remarry. (At least she has not yet.) The divorce must have come some time after this 1981 article about Redmond and Weston. In that People article, Redmond & Weston (which sounds like some old vaudeville act) discuss how much they disliked living in L.A. Redmond said, “All they were making were Westerns and gangster shows and the women were all 16 or 60. I’m glad I got out when the jiggle started. TV is for those girls with the big boobs.” Kind of funny Redmond would knock “jiggles” when she was at that time playing Sarah Tucker, the pudding in a cloud lady, for Cool Whip.

Mod Avenger Fashions

Diana Rigg & The Emmapeeler

Here’s that Avenger girl, Dina Rigg, in the grooviest jumpsuit on your TV screen. Called the “Emmapeeler” — after the character she plays — it comes in eight colors and is made of a stretch fabric called Crimplene. T.B. Jones Ltd. of London is the manufacturer.

Those giant “Avenger” watches that Diana wears with her jumpsuits also are a British import. They come in various colors and straps, and this spring they started to appear in stores throughout the U.S. They are by Old England.

Images via; there’s no mention of what publication was scanned, however, I’m rather certain the pages came from the June 10-16, 1967 issue of TV Guide (#741).

Old England is, again, making watches. More on the vintage Old England watches can be found here. And more information on Avenger fashions can be found here.