If You Want To Look Busy, Ladies

Get that chipped-nail look! This vintage Cutex ad, from 1937, may promote polish shades, but I find the manicure design more interesting… Go to a salon, or give yourself a manicure that looks like you’ve been too busy to get your nails done. Via.

That’s Why The Nun Was A Vamp

Love the makeup on the nun; only in silent films can the good girl hide-out in a nunnery looking like a Theda Bara vamp.

Italian postcard by Ed. G.B. Falci, Milano. Photo: Jeanne Brindeau and Soava Gallone in La cavalcata ardente (1925).

Modern Woman Monday: About Those Smiles…

The November 1964 cover of ‘Teen is covered in America’s Smile Queen contestants. Can you guess the winner? Nope, me neither. But I am intrigued…

I also want to know more about Why Boys Lose Interest In Girls. We may never know — unless we can get a copy of the vintage magazine to read. Is it due to poor smiles? Or do they mean this is a more significant way, as in the loss of interest in girls combined with the increase of interest in boys?

Modern Woman Monday: The Airplane Exercise

A purely gratuitous photo of three women doing the airplane exercise pose in. Just too classic to ignore.

(Found in 1962’s Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans for Physical Fitness; more images there.)