For You Flyboys

The 2012 Collector’s Calendar from Secrets In Lace features pinups wearing classic lingerie posing in front of WWII airplanes. Yeah, airplanes, that’s why we said “flyboys.” Yeah, that’s it. Pinup photographs taken by Michael Malak.

“Good Morning Mr. Khadafy… This is your wake-up call.”

Dug this t-shirt, circa 1986 and commemorating President Reagan’s U.S. naval fighter action against Muammar Gaddafi, out and put it up on eBay because now it is a true collector’s item. Marking a specific event, it is perhaps even more ephemeral than paper works as these tees were worn and washed until they wore out!

Along with the phrase, “Good Morning Mr. Khadafy… This is your wake-up call,” there’s an F/A-18 (which looks like it’s straight out of Jane’s). I don’t suppose even the mighty US military can wake Muammar up now.

Pan Am’s New 747 (Giveaway Contest!)

I’ve got too much stuff. So I’m giving a lot of it away. Not only on Listia (my review here), but even right here, at Kitschy Kitschy Coo — starting with this kitschy vintage postcard.

On the back of this vintage postcard it reads, “Pan Am’s New 747. The plane with all the room in the world.” Which dates it to 1966 or so.

There are a number of easy ways to enter; multiple entries are allowed.

How To Enter

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Here’s the giveaway fine print:

* Giveaway is open to US residents only
* Contest ends September 17, 2011; entries must be made on or before midnight, central time, September 16, 2011. Winner will be announced/contacted on September 18, 2011. Winner have 48 hours to respond; otherwise, I’ll draw another name.

The Stewardesses Were High

Yup, just plain “high”; no sky. Me thinketh it’s the fumes off the pink and orange polyester — fumes so strong, the hats have shrunk. Which means they could just be retro Burger King employees. (Via Boogie Children.)

Streaking On A Plane

Love the 70s streaked hair. And the wide lapels. But neither as much as I love the stuffed dog being stowed away — and no kid in sight.¬† Being a stewardess flight attendant doesn’t look that difficult, Steven Slater.

Via The Cigarette Tree.