2 thoughts on “Death Steers The Parade Float”

  1. love this!! reminds me of a cross between storyland (nursery-rhyme-themed park with spooky old displays, squeaky swings, and a million mosquitos – unchanged in decades) and one of the guys we saw dressed as a bear in the santa claus parade here a couple of years ago. the look of seething resentment in his gaunt face made me wonder if he was there on a community service order.

  2. I believe the float is from the Nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle, as I can just make out the Dish and Spoon in the back, and the round face in the middle is probably the Moon with the Cow walking alongside of it. I think that the Little Dog who laughed to see such sport is in white, and the Cat (can’t see his fiddle) is standing behind the driver.

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