“We Mustache You A Question”

And by “we” I mean Kitschy Kitschy Coo and the Smithsonian — and the Smithsonian really wants to know, “Who has your favorite historic facial hair?”

While there are tons of old photographs to choose from (including at the Smithsonian’s Pinterest Board), I’m going to vote for Dwight Blocker Bowers. Not for his own mustache (I’m not even sure he has one!) but because he’s a curator in the Division of Culture and the Arts and, as such, is in charge of these fake mustaches.

moustache collection

These beauties were once worn by actor James Whitmore in his titular role in Bully: An Adventure with Teddy Roosevelt (the one-man stage drama by playwright Jerome Alden).

I won’t point any fingers, but someone we know (*cough* hubby) collects old wigs; I find the old facial-hair wigs much more interesting.

1977 James Whitmore as Roosevelt

Photo of James Whitmore as Roosevelt in Bully via argenta-images06.

This Photo’s A Real Scream

Now, I collect a lot of things — a lot of odd things, mind you. So when I ask you, “Who would collect a photo of a woman screaming?” I seriously want to know.

Even the auction title word-salad has me wondering… “Vintage Color Photo Television Screen Woman Screaming” — who searches for any of that?

…Now, looking at this photo that long, wondering all that, I am three steps closer to bidding.

Frederick’s Wouldn’t Scalp You

“If you can tell it from your own hair… Send it back!” If you can’t tell wigs from your own hair, please don’t scalp yourself and send that back to Frederick’s Of Hollywood.