Bat En Pointe

A vintage 8 x 10 inch glossy of Joyce Blanche Murray dressed as a bat — if bats actually have or wear images of themselves on themselves. Oh, and if you think it’s too early for the Halloween costumes, there’s no mention of that holiday. After all, this was Hollywood — and this is Kitschy Kitschy Coo. Rules don’t apply.

Press snipe on verso reads:


These are the two things that won for pretty Joyce Blanche Murray a long term contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures. Not only is Miss Murray a lovely person, but she holds the world’s endurance record for toe-dancing, almost 17 minutes. She has also stood on her toes for as long as 45 minutes. While doing a dance part in the sensational M.G.M. film, “The Broadway Melody”, she did the “triple-wing,” the “web-foot wing” and the “fast raffle,” the first time these dances have ever been done on the toes. The world-famous dancing instructor, Kosloff, calls her “Joyce of the iron Toes.” And rightly is she named.

vintage Joyce Blanche Murray bat costume

Antique Witch Costume Brings Big Bucks, Some Assembly Required

This antique Butterick pattern for a witch costume dating to 1898 recently sold for $199.99. Images from the seller, wiskeycowboy.


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The Appliance Ball

Kitchen appliance costume balls were serious business in the 1930s.   You didn’t show up dressed half-heartedly or ironically.  Well, unless you wanted to be funny and dress as an iron and call yourself ironic, but that might still get you kicked out.   See more of the modern machinery of the 1930s here.


Craft Scan Friday: Funny Bag Costumes For You & Your Doll

From Funny Bags by Betsy Pflug, instructions for making a mermaid costume for your doll and a hula costume, which I guess is “for you”, out of paper bags. I’m not sure what to make of this, really. As usual, I scan stuff that tickles me; but sometimes when it comes to posting it, even I wonder why. Anywho, if you’re in need of a cheap and easy costume — for you and your doll, you’d best answer the “paper or plastic” question with “paper.”