Knit A Yanky Doodle Dandy

It’s been cold outside, right? So while you’ve been dreaming of Summer, why not spend the time knitting your own red, white, and blue fashions for the Fourth Of July? Mom and daughter get a pair of matching sundresses. But poor dad has to suffer in a real sweater. …Maybe he just got a real bad sunburn while yachting and feels chilled. Anyway, dad’s pattern is free for you today. The mother-daughter dress patterns are for sale here.

yankee doodle dandy dad

vintage yanky doodle dandy knit sweater pattern

$3 Spanky

A vintage ad for Spanky, a 24-inch, freckle-faced little boy doll pattern — actually, a “professional type, pull sized pattern” from Creations by Mavis. Which is good, because even in 1978, we were not sending in three whole dollars off for some amateur type pattern.

spanky doll ad 1978

Log Cabin Quilt Playhouse or Kennel Cover

Found in the October 1980 issue of Decorating & Craft Ideas magazine, this log cabin quilt design is a “wonderfully playful project”.

Make four large blocks, add a fabric roof, and slip the whole thing over a card table for a cozy fabric “homestead” that your children — and assorted household pets — will adore.

Perhaps it says more about me than my pets, but fabric and cardboard sound more like a meal to the dogs and the cats than a “homestead”. However, I do think this could be a cool way to camouflage dog crates and kennels inside the house.

Complete pattern and instructions are in the magazine itself. (Another post from that magazine here.)


Petalescence By Pretty Petals

Other than fabric stuff, we have no idea what Petalescense really is… Oddly enough, we do understand what the Pretty Petals are. Both were made by by Siro Craft (Division of Signiago & Rossi, Inc.). Ad on back page of the June 1987 issue of Crafts magazine.


Craft Scan Friday: Funny Bag Costumes For You & Your Doll

From Funny Bags by Betsy Pflug, instructions for making a mermaid costume for your doll and a hula costume, which I guess is “for you”, out of paper bags. I’m not sure what to make of this, really. As usual, I scan stuff that tickles me; but sometimes when it comes to posting it, even I wonder why. Anywho, if you’re in need of a cheap and easy costume — for you and your doll, you’d best answer the “paper or plastic” question with “paper.”

Jayne Cobb’s Hat

Towards the end of Firefly’s only season, Jayne Cobb picks up his mail from his mom, which includes a homemade gift: a ear-flap knitted cap.  Fans love making replicas of props, and some industrious knitter has studied the hat through meticulous repeated viewings and pausing, resulting in instructions for how to make your own Momma Cobb Hat.  People will know, when you walk down the street, that you’re the kind of person who’s not afraid of nothing.