For You Flyboys

The 2012 Collector’s Calendar from Secrets In Lace features pinups wearing classic lingerie posing in front of WWII airplanes. Yeah, airplanes, that’s why we said “flyboys.” Yeah, that’s it. Pinup photographs taken by Michael Malak.

Kostelanetz’s Calendar Girl

Spotted in the thrift store today, Calendar Girl, by Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra. In this cheesy pandering LP, the recordings are organized by month and the songs are those with girls names. (More on my vintage vinyl scores to come.)

Beware Of Liquor That Knocks Your Hat Off

So warns this risque vintage postcard (via A Slip Of A Girl). I’m guessing that artist Tony Roy expected lady’s underpants to be worn as hats at some point in the evening… Which only further drives home the point about imbibing too much. So here’s to a happy & safe New Year’s Eve, for you, your panties and your hats.

PS I love that the “i” is upside down in “liquor.”