What A Bombshell

An original Joseph Jasgur photograph of Mary Ann Gleason as a bombshell pin up styled as a torpedo spreading patriotic Americanism in 1942. From the seller:

The Chevronettes were women signed up by Standard Oil Company to be part of the company’s home front morale raising and promotional war efforts, beauty queens and fresh faced starlets who worked with celebrities to raise money during WWII. The Los Angeles landmark Victory House was an entertainment area created in Pershing Square for rallies and selling war bonds. Events occurred almost daily with many celebrity appearances, originally named Defense House. In February 1942, its name was changed to Victory House.

For You Flyboys

The 2012 Collector’s Calendar from Secrets In Lace features pinups wearing classic lingerie posing in front of WWII airplanes. Yeah, airplanes, that’s why we said “flyboys.” Yeah, that’s it. Pinup photographs taken by Michael Malak.

Holy Smokes It’s The Fourth Of July

They say one picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about why we’re posting this photo of a little boy celebrating liberation from the Nazis with a cigarette (April 1945) today.