“The Spotted Pony Loves His Pal”

…she’s his favorite kind of gal.
See the way he cleans the plate
Those Christmas cookies are just great!

vintage wis cooky book pony

Many of us know a certain age vividly recall images like these from their childhoods. This, and others like it, was found in one of advertising traditions of Reddy Kilowatt, the annual Christmas cookbook.

Vintage Celebrity Cowboy Birthday

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans celebrate a child’s birthday with — what else? — a cowboy themed birthday cake. This photo feels like it was taken at a children’s ward… The seller offers no details, but says this is a previously unpublished photo.

How We Travel(ed)

More pages with photos from How We Travel, by James Franklin Chamberlain, an antique school reader. Shown here are a Belgian milk-cart, pulled by a dog, and a “peculiar vehicle” called the jaunting car, from Ireland, pulled by a horse.

He’ll Give You The Answer That You’ll Endorse

This terrified-horse mask has been getting around the internet for quite a while, whether you’re scaring roommates or just watching Google Streetview Car drive by.   Turns out, it’s a $30 piece of amazing that’s available from Amazon — and the user-contributed photos are awesome beyond words.   Go look at the Amazon slideshow, because rather than stealing an Amazon photo I give you this animated GIF instead.  Enjoy.

Via, and via.

Genuine Mothers’ Bread Parade Float

A parade float, horse and wagon style, advertising C. R. Henerys genuine Mothers Bread (Steelton, PA). Apparently they didn’t believe in apostrophes so much in the 1880s. Via.

The Stovall: Good Old Fashioned Branding

A great vintage neon sign for the Stovall theater (Sayre, OK), posted by The Vintage Reader (another one is here). Note that along with the cowboy riding the bucking bronc, there’s a line of brands down the side of the sign closest to the building. (PS You would have seen this — and plenty more — had you been following my Tumblr.)