A Very Creepy Cowboy Vintage Valentine

I did show this oddball valentine off in last year’s My Valentines Have Google Eyes post, but I still wanted to make a little video of it too. This vintage die-cut valentine is now available for sale at Exit 55 Antiques — and they will ship to you, if you must have it. You can call the store between 10 am and 5 pm (central time), any day. The phone number is: (218) 998-3088. (Just let them know it can be found on EQ’s shelf in the case with the most vintage and antique Valentine’s Day cards.)

PS Exit 55 Antiques can also be found on the Pasttime Collectibles & Antiques Facebook page.

Do Pistol-Packin’ Mamas Raise Rifle-Using Daughters?

Another one of the Dolly Toy Company pinups, this one featuring a gun-toting toddler defending the stagecoach. OK, so many she’s not a toddler. …But then again, maybe the little girl isn’t defending the stagecoach either. You can see the rest of the pieces in this set here, in our Etsy shop. (Better look quick — these vintage nursery pieces sell fast in our store!)

vintage dolly toy co stagecoach robbery pinup

Tank Reindeer Outdoor Christmas Display, 1963

As published in First Armored Division Association Bulletin, “Old Ironsides,”, No. 3, Vol. XV, Winter 1963 – 64; caption and info:

13th Horse Has Best Outside Christmas Display

The tank-reindeer display of the 2nd Battalion, 13th Armor, Lt Col John F. Hooks Commanding, was adjudged best of outdoor Christmas displays in the 1st Armored area last Christmas. Colonel Hooks is President of the Old Ironsides Chapter and a member of the Board of Directors of this Association.

“Ride Him, Cowboy!”

I guess because this photo was found in the First Armored Division Association Bulletin, “Old Ironsides,”, No. 3, Vol. XV, Winter 1963 – 64 (Leo B. Connor, editor), the colloquial use of “’em” in “Ride ’em, Cowboy!” was a no-no for a photo caption.

Sgt Maj Robert H. Hileman, Hg Btry, 3/2nd artillery, is ready to take off for another hitch with the Honest Johns of the 1st Armored Division. With 18 years of service already behind him, he wasted no time in civil life. He is a Korean veteran and the Communication Chief of his battalion.

Everybody Loves A Cow Girl

If this vintage cow girl costume doesn’t make you wanna play dress up (for Halloween or otherwise), I doubt little will.

I’m pretty sure there will be witnesses who remember her committing this train robbery.

Great for rounding up cattle — and pugs.

Now that I’ve sold you on how practical this is, let’s get down to some facts… It’s said to be a 1950s burlesque costume — though with the Marie’s Custom Uniforms label maybe it was an equally cool, in my opinion, diner waitress uniform. The gun holster is from the 70s and the pistol a new prop.

Now that you’re packin’ heat, may I interest you in a duel with a pistol blow dryer?