July 19th, 2014

Because I’m Tacky

by Deanna aka Pop Tart

Weird Al Yankovic’s Tacky, a parody of Pharrell’s Happy. Another track off of Weird Al’s Mandatory Fun. (I love the digs at social media lol)

July 4th, 2014

Happy 4th of July From Piper Laurie

by Deanna aka Pop Tart

vintage Piper Laurie firecracker

Via Grapefruitmoongallery.

June 23rd, 2014

The Food-Drink For All Ages

by Deanna aka Pop Tart

Horlick’s malted milk ad, 1910.

Oshkosh_Daily_Northwestern_Thu__Oct_6__1910-horlick's malted milk ad

June 21st, 2014

Glamorous Valentine Doily Hat Is A Scandal

by Deanna aka Pop Tart

I guess we could all be costume designers — just look at the hat in this photo!

George White's Scandals of 1935

a vintage 1935 photograph from Fox Film Corp’s “George White’s Scandals of 1935.” An art deco musical revue that captures the wild revels of the burlesque / vaudeville acts championed by George White, this features a scandoll (identified as Peggy Mosely) showing off her rare bird fashions in a gorgeous art deco gown.

Via Grapefruitmoongallery.

June 20th, 2014

Crawl In The Bag With A Dachshund

by Deanna aka Pop Tart

Secondhand Rose found lots of amusing little Rieslings, among them this long little doggie. You might find the pinup wine varieties sweeter drinking companions.


June 18th, 2014

High-Fyin’ Airplane Hat

by Deanna aka Pop Tart

An original vintage photograph featuring Inez Courtney in a surprisingly cool machine age “airplane hat”, circa 1930.

Typewritten press snipe on verso reads “INEZ COURTNEY? featured in First National’s Loose Ankles and Spring is here does right by her art and poses in an airplane hat. And do you still wonder if the movie actresses earn their money?” Measures 8″ x 10″ and stamped on verso with Culver Pictures archive information.

Via Grapefruitmoongallery.

Inez Courtney in airplane hat

culver pictures promo photo

June 16th, 2014

Grandma Susie’s Skunk

by Deanna aka Pop Tart

A very cute vintage made in Japan skunk figurine that I did not buy. I considered adding it to my skunk collection; but what if Grandma Susie or one of her grandkids came looking for it? So I left the skunk on the shelf at Exit 55 Antiques.

vintage skunk figurine

grandma susie's skunk

June 14th, 2014

Going Where Boys Dare To Go

by Deanna aka Pop Tart

Around here, we joke that I’m only allowed upstairs– which is a euphemism for the fact that maybe I shouldn’t go out in public much. Mainly because I get emotional. If I’m not easily amused (or even more easily confused), I’m infuriated. And pretty much all the emotions in between. Case in point, last weekend’s trip to the Mall Of America where I was amused by several of the displays at The Boys Adventure Store.

Perhaps mannequins with heads would be better used to sell camping — especially with the large bear looming behind them. I’m a mom. I worry about these things.

headless campers

I did learn something though: rabbits can survive in black holes.

bunny & black holes

As far as the shop itself goes, The Boys Adventure Store is a JMCremps creation, which means it has religious tones. Meh. Maybe that’s why they insist on marketing this as “for boys”.  But, yeah, why can’t this outdoorsy fun adventure stuff be for girls too?

In terms of shopping, the items are either for real little boys (toys to push, toys to ride on, and the like) or stuff that seems to leap light-years into adulthood. Teaching kids how to throw knives and tomahawks? (When I held that up in the store, my mom read it as “Kite Throwing” — that makes far more sense, I think.) If you have older kids, and kids you can trust and will supervise, then check out the shop and the official blog. (Admittedly, the blog is far more sane sounding.)


June 13th, 2014

Ha, Ha, Women Grow Old

by Deanna aka Pop Tart

Normally I post this sort of sexist stuff over at Kitsch Slapped. But I felt general kitsch lovers might like this too.

vintage aging humor postcard

Postcard No E, copyright 1956 by Petley Studios Inc., Pheonix Arizona. Petley Studios was started by Bob (Robert Teeple) Petley in 1946. The studio began with twelve black and white humorous postcards — but would later become the nations largest publisher and distributor of scenic color postcards. In 1984, Petley was sold to Bruce Finchum.

This vintage gag postcard was spotted at Antiques On Broadway, Fargo.

June 1st, 2014

Dames & Dogs #83

by Deanna aka Pop Tart

Chris Noel and what may be a Yorkie? Noel was an actress in Get Yourself A College Girl. The seller of this vintage photo, Grapefruit Moon, says she “became a worldwide sensation as an Armed Forces radio personality, here she shows of her risque glamour with her dog companion in publicity for “Get Yourself a College Girl.” After Vietnam, she became a strong advocate for soldiers, particularly those suffering from PTSD at a time when it was still an unexplored phenomenon.”

Chris Noel Get Yourself a College Girl