Have A Cow, Valentine

Yeah, Valentine’s Day has passed. But we don’t like to let the romance die. (Plus, we often post stuff as we find it.) Here’s a sweet little Valentine’s Day poem about a cow. And no, it’s not from 4-H — it’s from the American Junior Red Cross (American Junior Red Cross News, February 1953.

american junior red cross cow valentine

A Very Creepy Cowboy Vintage Valentine

I did show this oddball valentine off in last year’s My Valentines Have Google Eyes post, but I still wanted to make a little video of it too. This vintage die-cut valentine is now available for sale at Exit 55 Antiques — and they will ship to you, if you must have it. You can call the store between 10 am and 5 pm (central time), any day. The phone number is: (218) 998-3088. (Just let them know it can be found on EQ’s shelf in the case with the most vintage and antique Valentine’s Day cards.)

PS Exit 55 Antiques can also be found on the Pasttime Collectibles & Antiques Facebook page.

Antique “I’d Like To Be Tied To You” Valentine

Tryin’ to keep this blog to a PG rating, so…

antique vintage tied to you valentine

This antique valentine is now available for sale at Exit 55 Antiques. You can call the store between 10 am and 5 pm (central time), any day, at (218) 998-3088. (Just let them know it can be found on EQ’s shelf in the case with the most vintage and antique Valentine’s Day cards.) Or contact us at our official business site, We Have Your Collectibles (home of Fair Oaks Antiques), or at the official Facebook page.

My Valentines Have Google Eyes

All my sites are “up” for Valentine searches, so why not add some more before the holiday is over? These three are vintage and antique die-cut and mechanical Valentine’s Day cards in which the eyes move.

This one is a play on the old he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not. You spin the daisy to find “yes” and “no” responses, and the eyes on the cute girl move – sometimes to crazy positions, as you can see. (It’s available for purchase here.)

vintage antique mechanical valentine eyes

antique vintage mechanical valentine girl

antique vintage mechanical he loves me not valentine card

This vintage or antique mechanical die-cut valentine features a “ye olde soda shop” motif and a “strawberry blonde special”. When you turn the wheel, her eyes move — and the color in the straw changes to simulate sucking and drinking of the soda or float. It’s obviously an orgasmic soda fountain special, for her eyes roll back into her head. (Now available in our Etsy shop.)

antique mechanical soda shop valentine

antique mechanical soda shop valentine stawberry

Last, my favorite of this googly-eyed-type of vintage Valentine’s Day cards. This card features an odd winking cowboy whose hears is a strong “hoosegow“. When you pull or gently tug his ear, his one open eye moves and his mouth opens and closes. Kinda creepy. But that’s my thing.

vintage mechanical cowboy hoosegow valentine

creepy vintage cowboy mechanical die cut valentine

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Drawing The Line At Valentines

It may seem a little early to start with the Valentine’s Day stuff, but we’re seeing a huge jump in traffic to our previous Valentine’s Day posts (older archives too). Heck, WalMart already has Easter candy out! Not that WalMart dictates anything to me; but I feel fine mentioning Valentine’s Day stuff now.


This vintage Valentine is a vintage mechanical Valentine from A-Meri-Card.

On the back, it’s signed “Love, Pursy.”

Found at an estate we are helping manage here in Fargo, the vintage Valentine was found inside a folded half-sheet of paper. The paper was a mimeographed list of guests for a Valentine’s Day party. While this was the only Valentine saved, it’s clear that Pursy was not invited to the party. Another example of drawing the line at party guest lists. Especially sad when the list has the guests arranged in pairs of one boy and one girl — and clearly there is one girl who had no “date”. Poor Pursy. Poor Paula.

You can find more vintage Valentines in our eBay listings. Those looking for vintage Valentine’s to craft with, check out our “crafty” Etsy shop.

Cheer Up, Pup!

So, now that I’ve got a Basset Hound puppy, I’m especially keen on collecting Basset Hound items. This is why I ended up with many of the vintage Valentine’s Day cards I’ve been showing off here — you want the one with the Basset, you gotta buy the lot. But what’s weird about this particular valentine is what’s written on it…

Not the small circled digit, but on his face… Someone inked a swastika on the dog’s face! Not sure what religious sentiments could have been the actual intent; but I’d rather ponder those than the other options. “Cheer up, Pup! You could have a swastika on yer face!”

Hey, SparkleFarkle, I bet you regret asking about the puppy now, huh? lol

“I’d Soda Like To Be Your Valentine!”

Another pun-filled vintage Valentine that kids would give out in class. This one features a 6-pack of soda pop, in the paper carrying case (remember those?!), complete with bottle caps (save for the opened one with a straw).  The red hearts are flocked.

On the back, there’s another pop bottle — with the cap popping off from the force of love bottled inside. Some funny kid wrote the word “BOOZE” on the bottle. …Well, love is intoxicating! Also, there’s a name crossed out.

No marks for maker; roughly 4 1/2 inches tall.

You can buy it from me:

“I hope I’ve got you on my line — I want you for my Valentine”

Vintage Valentine with a kitten on the telephone. Marked CPC 4500/8, Made in U.S.A.; roughly 3 3/4 inches tall.