Mod Avenger Fashions

Diana Rigg & The Emmapeeler

Here’s that Avenger girl, Dina Rigg, in the grooviest jumpsuit on your TV screen. Called the “Emmapeeler” — after the character she plays — it comes in eight colors and is made of a stretch fabric called Crimplene. T.B. Jones Ltd. of London is the manufacturer.

Those giant “Avenger” watches that Diana wears with her jumpsuits also are a British import. They come in various colors and straps, and this spring they started to appear in stores throughout the U.S. They are by Old England.

Images via; there’s no mention of what publication was scanned, however, I’m rather certain the pages came from the June 10-16, 1967 issue of TV Guide (#741).

Old England is, again, making watches. More on the vintage Old England watches can be found here. And more information on Avenger fashions can be found here.

Hey, Lazy American, Make Your Own Souvenir

Of course, since you are a lazy American, you’ll need a kit to do that… They knew that in the 1950s. Hence this vintage souvenir craft kit sold in Florida, for folks to make a necklace and bracelet from polished shells and beads. Some assembly required. Via Jones Antiques.

Devils On Your Shoulders

OK, so maybe they don’t actually sit on your shoulders… But you get the idea, right? No more little angle vs. devil conversations; just advice from the devils. *wink* These earrings are made of vintage red plastic cocktail glass ornaments by MajikCraft.

Clean Your Crumb-Catcher, Will Ya?

This mustache comb necklace, likely suitable for beards too, is a pendant on a chain — so you have a portable device for grooming those who forget to groom themselves. (Via Kitschy Living.)