Three Generations With Ford

Full-page ad for Swendson Ford found in a 1974 Center States Football League yearbook for the West Allis Spartans featuring the three generations of Swendsons: H. P. Swendson, E. A. Swendson, and Tom Swendson. Notice how formal initials gave way to less intimidating “buddy” names.

Car Mustache

Whether your car is attending a fancy event, or trying to go incognito while infiltrating a foreign spy ring, you need to get yourself a Carstache.  Hooked on to your grill, any vehicle can be made more stylish, and they come in a variety of haircolors depending on your vehicle’s temperment.

Make sure you clean it a lot: remember how icky your grille gets due to insects who can’t be troubled to get out of the road?    Leave it too long without a good Stanley Steemer going-over, and it’ll look like the doormat of the Batcave.    We sure want one – don’t forget how much we love moustaches!

Salvador Dali: The Boy In The Bubble

Time magazine (January 4, 1960) says Dali’s space age suit is gold, not silver as your black & white photograph reading brain might tell you. Also that article describes the Ovocipede as “a transparent plastic sphere that rolls merrily along while its operator sits comfortably.” Can anyone say “hamster ball”?

More from the April 1960 issue of Popular Mechanics:

Found via Pour 15 Minutes, which gives a date of December, 1959; the Fanantique photos are from the December 7, 1972 presentation at the Palais des glaces. (Just four years later, I would see Travolta star in The Boy In The Plastic Bubble. I probably cried.)

Normally I don’t recommend asking “why” when it comes to Dali; I believe his greatest talent ultimately lay in his ability to live life — and not asking about limits. However, it appears Dali didn’t drive and eschewed air travel until late in his life, so perhaps that’s why he invented such a mode of transportation.

Streaking On A Plane

Love the 70s streaked hair. And the wide lapels. But neither as much as I love the stuffed dog being stowed away — and no kid in sight.  Being a stewardess flight attendant doesn’t look that difficult, Steven Slater.

Via The Cigarette Tree.