Craft Scan Friday: Sales Demonstration For Candle Making

A sales demonstration for Glo Candles, circa 1950s. Found in The Glo Candle For All Occasions, The Glow Candle Co., Kansas City, Missouri; copyright 1952 and 1956 by Consumers Cooperative Association.

Craft Scan Friday: Glitter Snoopy Plaques

Do you remember when those melty-plastic-chip things were popular?  Hey, they were “America’s Hottest Money-Makers.”

As published in the February, 1971 issue of The Workbasket.

Think Of Her As Your Mother

This American Airlines ad (found in National Geographic, June 1968) reminds you not to grope the stewardesses — you don’t grope your mom, do you? Vintage ad via this Advertising & Tourism post at the Visual Arts Library Picture & Periodicals Collections blog.

Three Generations With Ford

Full-page ad for Swendson Ford found in a 1974 Center States Football League yearbook for the West Allis Spartans featuring the three generations of Swendsons: H. P. Swendson, E. A. Swendson, and Tom Swendson. Notice how formal initials gave way to less intimidating “buddy” names.

Breeders Wanted

It may not be what you think — even if the classified ad was found in that retro romance magazine.  …I wonder if the irony of Ms & Mr Lonelyhearts assisting in “animal romance” was lost on anyone? Or if the suicide rate was higher among those singles who bred animals simply to have them tortured for testing, then die… Oh, by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day!