The State Of Delaware Was Proud Of Their Drivers’ Ed Cars

Not one, not two, but three photos of the public instruction vehicles for driver education adorn the pages of Safer Motoring: A Guide For Young Drivers, prepared by the State of Delaware State Department of Public Instruction, Division of Health, Physical, & Driver Education; circa 1957. Plus, one of some cars and drivers which is without a caption or credit.

Vintage “Palmetto Jumper” Hunting Vehicle

The Florida “palmetto jumper,” a combination dog-lunch-shooter wagon for use on the wide palmetto barrens. Two shooters ride on top while the dogs range ahead. When the dogs point the wagon halts about a hundred yards from the point and the shooters move up on foot.

Photo from The Standard Book of Hunting and Shooting, edited by Robert B. Stringfellow (copyright 1950, Stackpole & Heck, Inc.).