Ha, Ha, Women Grow Old

Normally I post this sort of sexist stuff over at Kitsch Slapped. But I felt general kitsch lovers might like this too.

vintage aging humor postcard

Postcard No E, copyright 1956 by Petley Studios Inc., Pheonix Arizona. Petley Studios was started by Bob (Robert Teeple) Petley in 1946. The studio began with twelve black and white humorous postcards — but would later become the nations largest publisher and distributor of scenic color postcards. In 1984, Petley was sold to Bruce Finchum.

This vintage gag postcard was spotted at Antiques On Broadway, Fargo.

Mares Eat Oats & Does Eat Oats — But Who Eats Magicdotes?

Luring ’em in with a bunny, Robert Orben serves up the Magicdotes, “A book of anecdotes and stories about magic, magicians & mentalists”. (Published by Louis Tannen, copyright 1948.)

An excerpt from the introduction:

The stories in [the second and third sections] represent a good cross-section of magic as the layman wants to see it. So, when you’re introduced as a magician, don’t just do a few card tricks — relate some sort of folk-lore of magic and you’ll be surprised at the interest it will create. The names Houdini, Thurston, Dunninger, Herrmann, strike up all sorts of imaginative thoughts in the mind of the lay public. They can listen endlessly to the stories concerning Houdini’s countelss escapes, Houdin’s adventures in Africa, or Dunninger’s amazing feats of mentalism.


I Said “It’s A Classic” Not “It’s Classy”

Everyone loves to get a potty humor birthday card. But not everyone understands potty humor. Sometimes illustrations are not enough; you have to make the potty-puns really large.

Do you remember when you were a WEE WEE tot –
And they took you out of your WARM WARM cot –
And made you sit on a COLD COLD POT –

and made you WEE-Wee whether you could or not

Well – that’s just a “DROP in the BUCKET”
compared to my wish for you today!

Happy Birthday!

Butt wait, there’s more! On the back:

Here’s hopin’ you have fun ‘REGULARLY’ year after year!

The seller says this vintage greeting card is from the 1940’s or 50’s; made by Nova Laugh Cards.

And that’s about all I “CAN” say ‘cuz I’m “POOPED” out talking about this card.

Zero The Clown

Learning math with Zero, a tricky clown. Page 82 in Study Arithmetics, Grade Three, by F.B. Knight, G.M. Ruch, J.W. Studebaker, W.C. Findley, and William S. Gray; published by Scott, Foresman and Company, last copyright date 1943. (See my article on on old school books and primers.)

Modern Woman Monday: Eat Gelatin, Don’t Wiggle Like It

Sure, women should have a little wiggle and jiggle — but not too much. A vintage weight loss promotional booklet from Knox: Mrs. Knox’s Be Fit Not Fat