Pooh To You

I’ve shared my thoughts on the old Jell-O recipes, but there’s a recent story I haven’t shared with you…

Recently, at one of our yard sales, I sold a couple of college guys a retro Jell-O cookbook simply because of this firm beliefs that meat-gelatin salads are disgusting — not only that, I also sold him a retro Wilton cake pan in the shape of Winne The Pooh to go with it. That way, he could mix up a batch of some slimy-meat-salad, let it set in the mould, and serve “Pooh Salad.”

Hey, he bought it all; hook, line, and stinker. But as of yet, I’ve no invite to such a dining experience.

Thank heavens.

Here There Be Bears

Vintage “Royal Road” map with cute icons from a promotional travel guide of the Chequamegon District of Upper 13, the scenic highway of Northern Wisconsin; circa 1942. This center map has other cute graphic icons for fishing, hunting, golfing, swimming, etc.

A Stern Warning For Kids Who Won’t Clean Their Rooms

Just one of Alissa Ross’s plush trophies on the wall — combined with a well-arched eyebrow — and kids might just take you seriously when you tell them to clean their rooms, “or the teddy gets it.”