1954 Was A Real Bitch For Baby New Year

In this vintage promotional piece for The Sands, Baby New Year’s bottle of 1954 was held just out of reach. …Ah, back when Vegas was for adults & not kids.

1954 sands casino teasing baby new years photo

Bottle Caps Are Vanishing

Hey, Wonka why you gots to make the Bottle Caps candies so small? I know some kids may not even know what glass bottled pop and therefore bottle caps are — but I’m old enough to remember. And memories are partly why I bought the candy. Bottle Caps were a candy from my childhood. They were as cool for their shape and concept as their flavors. So it really sucks to go and purchase a box of Wonka Bottle Caps only to find them to be not only lesser in shape and concept, but so much smaller too. Holding the smaller candies in my hands just reminds me of being all grown up. And that’s not so cool. *sniffle*

“I’d Soda Like To Be Your Valentine!”

Another pun-filled vintage Valentine that kids would give out in class. This one features a 6-pack of soda pop, in the paper carrying case (remember those?!), complete with bottle caps (save for the opened one with a straw).  The red hearts are flocked.

On the back, there’s another pop bottle — with the cap popping off from the force of love bottled inside. Some funny kid wrote the word “BOOZE” on the bottle. …Well, love is intoxicating! Also, there’s a name crossed out.

No marks for maker; roughly 4 1/2 inches tall.

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