Come Sit For A Spell, Kids, & Meet Mr. Mod Bunny Rabbit!

Back in 2008, we showed you the fabulous TV Tuffets of the 1950s. But now we can do even better.

This here is a large Mid-Century modern stuffed white bunny rabbit with a turquoise vinyl seat — because it’s a stool for kids to watch TV on!

vintage kitsch mod retro stuffed animal stool chiar for kids

Just imagine the joy of watching TV on an old television set with rabbit-ear antennas while holding the ears on this bunny!

This plush white rabbit is at least 15 inches long, roughly 13 inches wide, and the seat is approximately 8 inches off the ground. This stuffed tuffet of a kids chair was made by the Atlanta Novelty Manufacturing Corporation sometime between the late 1950s to mid 1960s.

And, yes, you can buy it from me. I’m downsizing my collections. (More details here.) And with all our pets this raving beauty is one of those gems that remains hidden to remain safe. But I do love it so… Better buy it quick — like a bunny — before I change my mind.

vintage kitsch stuffed huge white rabbit

mid-century modern stuffed kitschy bunny

mod bunny rabbit kids stool

Are You Ready For Some Football, Little Man?

An All American little boy football player bulletin board — bright colors printed on that 70’s natural burlap. Available for sale in our Etsy shop.

all american retro football boy 1970s

Big Kitschy Bunnies

Retro handmade bunnies which we will be putting up for sale at Antiques On Broadway (likely on top of the case). The male is approximately 17 inches tall; the female roughly 13 inches. I love the pipe cleaner glasses on the knitting girl or grandma rabbit! Of course, if you want to buy them direct, you can also do that; just $5 a piece (plus shipping).

“I’d Soda Like To Be Your Valentine!”

Another pun-filled vintage Valentine that kids would give out in class. This one features a 6-pack of soda pop, in the paper carrying case (remember those?!), complete with bottle caps (save for the opened one with a straw).  The red hearts are flocked.

On the back, there’s another pop bottle — with the cap popping off from the force of love bottled inside. Some funny kid wrote the word “BOOZE” on the bottle. …Well, love is intoxicating! Also, there’s a name crossed out.

No marks for maker; roughly 4 1/2 inches tall.

You can buy it from me:

Get What I Got, Glamour Girls

We’re having a rummage sale today, so, being as I’m just sitting around, I’d show you what I’ve got…

How about this hot pink and black girlie stuff?

A Glam As Hell backpack style bag for the bad girl on the go, featuring a devil chick on a moped or scooter; design by A.V. Phibes from Evil Kid Productions. Never used; still has plastic hang-tag on it. Just $10.

For those sex kittens who prefer to stay at home, how about this hot pink and black pillow by Fluff (Acme products). Looks like leather; but it’s not. And guess what, naughty vixen, it’s just $10 too — and tags are still on it. (Just a few scuffs.)

(Sorry, the vintage pink fashion doll case shown in the first pic has sold.)

If you want to buy anything but can’t get here; you can contact me about paying online and having it shipped to you.

Pom-Pon Girl


Remember, ponchos can be skirts!

Coats & Clark’s book #207, Shawls & Ponchos, crochet, knit, hairpin lace; copyright 1971, second edition.

Love it? Need it? If you’re in the Us or Canada, you can buy it from me. Otherwise, check eBay.


PS I just love that a pom-pon or pom-pom is defined as “a decorative ball of fluff.”

Dress-Up Dolls Fit To Be Knit

Photographs of vintage fashion dolls wearing homemade knit fashions scanned from Virginia Lakin’s Petite Bazaar Knitting Book Three (1963).

If you live in the US or Canada and love it, you can buy this vintage booklet from me; or you can check eBay.


PS Keep an eye on Craft Scan Fridays for one or two of the patterns to be posted.

The New Krofft Supershow Comic #2

Fan of The New Krofft Supershow? Here’s the Whitman comic, #2. Front cover with photos is copyrighted 1977; but the title page is dated May 1978.

Inside, the comic stories feature Magic Mongo, Kaptain Kool & The Kongs, Bigfoot & Wildboy, and Wonderbug. Tons of retro ads.

If you live in the US or Canada, you can buy it from me for $9.99 (plus shipping) — or take your chances at eBay