My Valentines Have Google Eyes

All my sites are “up” for Valentine searches, so why not add some more before the holiday is over? These three are vintage and antique die-cut and mechanical Valentine’s Day cards in which the eyes move.

This one is a play on the old he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not. You spin the daisy to find “yes” and “no” responses, and the eyes on the cute girl move – sometimes to crazy positions, as you can see. (It’s available for purchase here.)

vintage antique mechanical valentine eyes

antique vintage mechanical valentine girl

antique vintage mechanical he loves me not valentine card

This vintage or antique mechanical die-cut valentine features a “ye olde soda shop” motif and a “strawberry blonde special”. When you turn the wheel, her eyes move — and the color in the straw changes to simulate sucking and drinking of the soda or float. It’s obviously an orgasmic soda fountain special, for her eyes roll back into her head. (Now available in our Etsy shop.)

antique mechanical soda shop valentine

antique mechanical soda shop valentine stawberry

Last, my favorite of this googly-eyed-type of vintage Valentine’s Day cards. This card features an odd winking cowboy whose hears is a strong “hoosegow“. When you pull or gently tug his ear, his one open eye moves and his mouth opens and closes. Kinda creepy. But that’s my thing.

vintage mechanical cowboy hoosegow valentine

creepy vintage cowboy mechanical die cut valentine

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A Valentine Pun I’m Not Sure I Understand

I was slow to post today’s vintage valentine, sorry about that. But I’m still not sure what the “slowpoke” pun on this vintage valentine means. Well, I get the play on a tortoise being slow, but what’s the holiday sentiment? Is it just that the card sender is to eager to wait? Seems less than thrilling… But then maybe I’m just hoping for a Valentine’s Day poke. *wink*

Marked Made in U.S.A. 752/15

The 14 Days Of Valentines

I’ve got enough of ’em, so why not?

One of those Valentines kids give out at school, this vintage greeting card is of an Eskimo child who says “Yukon rub noses with me, Valentine!”

No maker, just 750/8 Made in U.S.A. printed at the bottom on the front.

Modern Woman Monday: About Those Smiles…

The November 1964 cover of ‘Teen is covered in America’s Smile Queen contestants. Can you guess the winner? Nope, me neither. But I am intrigued…

I also want to know more about Why Boys Lose Interest In Girls. We may never know — unless we can get a copy of the vintage magazine to read. Is it due to poor smiles? Or do they mean this is a more significant way, as in the loss of interest in girls combined with the increase of interest in boys?

The Love Skunk

A vintage pottery skunk presides over a heart-shaped candy dish — or, I suppose it may have been used as an ashtray, even if the “ruffled” edge isn’t quite the standard for ash trays….

Of interest, at least to nuts like me, is the fact that time was taken to paint (rather sloppily) the underside of the skunk’s tail yellow.

When I Was A Bachelor

When I Was A Bachelor, an odd old nursery rhyme from the Little Verses For Very Little People in The Book of Knowledge, circa 1910.

When I was a bachelor I lived by myself,
And all the meat I got I put upon a shelf;
The rats and mice did lead me such a life
That I went to London to get myself a wife.

The streets were so broad and the lanes were so narrow,
I could not get my wife home without a wheel-barrow;
The wheel-barrow broke, my wife got a fall,
Down tumbled wheel-barrow, little wife, and all.