All Perked-Up Over You

This vintage school kid valentine features aluminum kitchenalia getting all steamy over Valentine’s Day.

The bottom ends are to be folded so the card can stand up. No maker markings, just Made in U.S.A. and 754/14; 3 1/2 inches tall.

A Valentine Pun I’m Not Sure I Understand

I was slow to post today’s vintage valentine, sorry about that. But I’m still not sure what the “slowpoke” pun on this vintage valentine means. Well, I get the play on a tortoise being slow, but what’s the holiday sentiment? Is it just that the card sender is to eager to wait? Seems less than thrilling… But then maybe I’m just hoping for a Valentine’s Day poke. *wink*

Marked Made in U.S.A. 752/15

Vintage Cowboy Valentine

Like many valentines (and greeting cards in general), spelling rules will be pushed past the limits to make a sentiment — if not complete sense. This vintage valentine features a cowboy with a “lassoo” to make the mushy-stuff work.

Arrr, Matey, It’s Another Vintage Valentine

A vintage Hallmark valentine with a boy pirate, complete with an eye patch and a parrot on his shoulder who wants to “capture you, Valentine!” (It’s up for auction now!)