From Underpants & Lederhosen To Kilts

I still yearn to see Sir Oliver T. Puddington in lederhosen — but that doesn’t mean I am also not enthralled by the idea of seeing our Basset Hound in a kilt. Bonus points for being able to also get the other pets into the action, or portrait, as the case may be. Custom pet portraits by Fotos 2 Art.

custom dog cat pet portraits by fotos2art

pets in kilts custom portraits by fotos2art at etsy

Retro A-Maze-Ing Halloween Cat Quilt

Perfect for the crazy cat lady in your life, this quilt is based on the simple designs found in coloring books. (We’ve long advocated using those illustrations for patterns.) From the October 1980 issue of Decorating & Craft Ideas magazine, the supposedly simple instructions are:

Look closely at our cat collection and you will find it really (a network of fabric pathways that winde around this favorite motif.) This marvelous maze could begin with the selection of large, but simple, cat shapes, from children’s coloring books. Transfer them to fabrics, (reverse them for variety), and enlarge each one 1/4 inch. Working from the center out, and from the background to the foreground, arrange, then applique each shape onto the quilt top. (You might even become lost among all the possibilities.) Be sure to distribute sizes and colors evenly. Add pathways to fill in; embroider the details.

halloween cat maze quilt

“VeganVille versus the Maynards Sour Patch Kids”

Lex is the Grand Prize Winner in our Sour Patch Kids Contest — when you see the entry, you’ll know why!

Hello. I swear I have no life. I just found Kitschy Kitschy Coo about 3 hours ago, saw your contest for the sour patch kids, realized that the contest ends in 2 days and that I have no time between now and then to send anything and haven’t gone shopping and…. anyway… this is what I did. It’s the great battle of the citizens of VeganVille versus the Maynards Sour Patch Kids. Please check out the official CNN coverage below.

And check out these exclusive pics from the battle.

Oh yeah, in case Maynards wants a new slogan (besides “Maynards: Crown your mouth”)- I came up with “Maynards: get chummy with the yummy gummy!”)

My name is Lex Kinast, I am 30 years old, I should probably grow up and I hail from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I really would like to win this, because I have never won anything before and because… I want the T-shirt.

My cat also wants for me to win the T-shirt so I will be as cool as she is:

“I hope I’ve got you on my line — I want you for my Valentine”

Vintage Valentine with a kitten on the telephone. Marked CPC 4500/8, Made in U.S.A.; roughly 3 3/4 inches tall.