Drawing The Line At Valentines

It may seem a little early to start with the Valentine’s Day stuff, but we’re seeing a huge jump in traffic to our previous Valentine’s Day posts (older archives too). Heck, WalMart already has Easter candy out! Not that WalMart dictates anything to me; but I feel fine mentioning Valentine’s Day stuff now.


This vintage Valentine is a vintage mechanical Valentine from A-Meri-Card.

On the back, it’s signed “Love, Pursy.”

Found at an estate we are helping manage here in Fargo, the vintage Valentine was found inside a folded half-sheet of paper. The paper was a mimeographed list of guests for a Valentine’s Day party. While this was the only Valentine saved, it’s clear that Pursy was not invited to the party. Another example of drawing the line at party guest lists. Especially sad when the list has the guests arranged in pairs of one boy and one girl — and clearly there is one girl who had no “date”. Poor Pursy. Poor Paula.

You can find more vintage Valentines in our eBay listings. Those looking for vintage Valentine’s to craft with, check out our “crafty” Etsy shop.

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