Knit A Yanky Doodle Dandy

It’s been cold outside, right? So while you’ve been dreaming of Summer, why not spend the time knitting your own red, white, and blue fashions for the Fourth Of July? Mom and daughter get a pair of matching sundresses. But poor dad has to suffer in a real sweater. …Maybe he just got a real bad sunburn while yachting and feels chilled. Anyway, dad’s pattern is free for you today. The mother-daughter dress patterns are for sale here.

yankee doodle dandy dad

vintage yanky doodle dandy knit sweater pattern

$3 Spanky

A vintage ad for Spanky, a 24-inch, freckle-faced little boy doll pattern — actually, a “professional type, pull sized pattern” from Creations by Mavis. Which is good, because even in 1978, we were not sending in three whole dollars off for some amateur type pattern.

spanky doll ad 1978

Pom-Pon Girl


Remember, ponchos can be skirts!

Coats & Clark’s book #207, Shawls & Ponchos, crochet, knit, hairpin lace; copyright 1971, second edition.

Love it? Need it? If you’re in the Us or Canada, you can buy it from me. Otherwise, check eBay.


PS I just love that a pom-pon or pom-pom is defined as “a decorative ball of fluff.”

Craft Scan Friday: Knit Your Doll A Hula Skirt

As promised, pattern instructions from Virginia Lakin’s Petite Bazaar Knitting Book Three. I’m including the hula skirt and the bra or swimsuit top — because I don’t want your fashion doll to go topless! (And the tips pages too, so you can be sure to make your fashion doll’s clothing just right.)

Dress-Up Dolls Fit To Be Knit

Photographs of vintage fashion dolls wearing homemade knit fashions scanned from Virginia Lakin’s Petite Bazaar Knitting Book Three (1963).

If you live in the US or Canada and love it, you can buy this vintage booklet from me; or you can check eBay.


PS Keep an eye on Craft Scan Fridays for one or two of the patterns to be posted.