Are You Ready For Some Football, Little Man?

An All American little boy football player bulletin board — bright colors printed on that 70’s natural burlap. Available for sale in our Etsy shop.

all american retro football boy 1970s

Synchronized Swimming Pose I Suppose

I’m hoping guessing that’s what this photo is all about; synchronized swimmers posing for a photo before the event. Otherwise, these cancan dancers have a silly poolside gig and the swim caps are just in case of a slip…

Image via bondman2 @ eBay.

“Kopis” Amounts Of Cigars

Vintage ad for Al Kopis’ Bowling Supplies, a “certified Brunswick service dealer,” found in a 1972 Center States Football League yearbook for the West Allis Spartans — back when men could (and should) be seen puffing a big fat cigar in their advertising materials.

Here There Be Bears

Vintage “Royal Road” map with cute icons from a promotional travel guide of the Chequamegon District of Upper 13, the scenic highway of Northern Wisconsin; circa 1942. This center map has other cute graphic icons for fishing, hunting, golfing, swimming, etc.

Of Football, Pudding & Pantyhose

When I saw this retro Royal Pudding football player ad

I was reminded of this vintage My-T-Fine pudding pudding pantyhose promo

And naturally I thought of Joe Namath and his infamous 1974 Beautymist pantyhose commercial.