Get What I Got, Glamour Girls

We’re having a rummage sale today, so, being as I’m just sitting around, I’d show you what I’ve got…

How about this hot pink and black girlie stuff?

A Glam As Hell backpack style bag for the bad girl on the go, featuring a devil chick on a moped or scooter; design by A.V. Phibes from Evil Kid Productions. Never used; still has plastic hang-tag on it. Just $10.

For those sex kittens who prefer to stay at home, how about this hot pink and black pillow by Fluff (Acme products). Looks like leather; but it’s not. And guess what, naughty vixen, it’s just $10 too — and tags are still on it. (Just a few scuffs.)

(Sorry, the vintage pink fashion doll case shown in the first pic has sold.)

If you want to buy anything but can’t get here; you can contact me about paying online and having it shipped to you.