Come Sit For A Spell, Kids, & Meet Mr. Mod Bunny Rabbit!

Back in 2008, we showed you the fabulous TV Tuffets of the 1950s. But now we can do even better.

This here is a large Mid-Century modern stuffed white bunny rabbit with a turquoise vinyl seat — because it’s a stool for kids to watch TV on!

vintage kitsch mod retro stuffed animal stool chiar for kids

Just imagine the joy of watching TV on an old television set with rabbit-ear antennas while holding the ears on this bunny!

This plush white rabbit is at least 15 inches long, roughly 13 inches wide, and the seat is approximately 8 inches off the ground. This stuffed tuffet of a kids chair was made by the Atlanta Novelty Manufacturing Corporation sometime between the late 1950s to mid 1960s.

And, yes, you can buy it from me. I’m downsizing my collections. (More details here.) And with all our pets this raving beauty is one of those gems that remains hidden to remain safe. But I do love it so… Better buy it quick — like a bunny — before I change my mind.

vintage kitsch stuffed huge white rabbit

mid-century modern stuffed kitschy bunny

mod bunny rabbit kids stool

Mares Eat Oats & Does Eat Oats — But Who Eats Magicdotes?

Luring ’em in with a bunny, Robert Orben serves up the Magicdotes, “A book of anecdotes and stories about magic, magicians & mentalists”. (Published by Louis Tannen, copyright 1948.)

An excerpt from the introduction:

The stories in [the second and third sections] represent a good cross-section of magic as the layman wants to see it. So, when you’re introduced as a magician, don’t just do a few card tricks — relate some sort of folk-lore of magic and you’ll be surprised at the interest it will create. The names Houdini, Thurston, Dunninger, Herrmann, strike up all sorts of imaginative thoughts in the mind of the lay public. They can listen endlessly to the stories concerning Houdini’s countelss escapes, Houdin’s adventures in Africa, or Dunninger’s amazing feats of mentalism.


Big Kitschy Bunnies

Retro handmade bunnies which we will be putting up for sale at Antiques On Broadway (likely on top of the case). The male is approximately 17 inches tall; the female roughly 13 inches. I love the pipe cleaner glasses on the knitting girl or grandma rabbit! Of course, if you want to buy them direct, you can also do that; just $5 a piece (plus shipping).

A Stern Warning For Kids Who Won’t Clean Their Rooms

Just one of Alissa Ross’s plush trophies on the wall — combined with a well-arched eyebrow — and kids might just take you seriously when you tell them to clean their rooms, “or the teddy gets it.”