“Good Morning Mr. Khadafy… This is your wake-up call.”

Dug this t-shirt, circa 1986 and commemorating President Reagan’s U.S. naval fighter action against Muammar Gaddafi, out and put it up on eBay because now it is a true collector’s item. Marking a specific event, it is perhaps even more ephemeral than paper works as these tees were worn and washed until they wore out!

Along with the phrase, “Good Morning Mr. Khadafy… This is your wake-up call,” there’s an F/A-18 (which looks like it’s straight out of Jane’s). I don’t suppose even the mighty US military can wake Muammar up now.

“Stretch Panties. One Size Fits All. Boingggg!”

I found this retro ad originally printed in The Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York) on February 28, 1986 for a “silly sale” at Flahs B. Forman Co. at A Slip Of A Girl.   Slip says, “I’ve never found such amusing ad copy — it’s like the stuff we bloggers say.”

Slip has lovingly re-typed the text (save for the prices) and she’s graciously allowed me to repost her work here. As she noted, those of us of a certain age will undoubtedly enjoy the references of the times, such as OPEC, Christie Brinkley’s marriage and divorce from Billy Joel, Oxford shirts, etc.

At the Shoppingtown location:

1 Tulla booth necklace. Green necks are in.

3 Tulla Booth necklaces. Multiplying like Gremlins.

Matching bracelet. What gall!

15 Prs. fashion earrings. Ear drear.

2 “Fur” boas. A “fur piece” from Wild Kingdom

1 Anne Klein hobo. A real bummer.

12 Prs. sunglasses. Eye spy glare ware.

56 Prs. Dearfoam slippers. Foam ain’t dear at these prices!

28 Pr. brand name pantyhose. Tuck the 3rd leg into the waistband.

8 Gold lame & velvet dresses. Slinky stinkies.

16 Dresses. A-sordid.

15 Jr. shirts. Plaid. Bad.

5 Jr. sweaters with bows. Clara, Ox & Tie

15 Misses’ Oxford buttondown shirts. Borrrrring.

10 Misses’ corduroy walk shorts. Spare ribs.

50 Pcs. Christie Brinkley related sports separates. No Billy Joel at this price!

25 Misses’ cashmere sweaters. “Deloux.” That’s NOT deluxe.

5 J.G. Hook cotton turtles. The old shell game.

12 Misses’ swimsuits. Embarrass yourself at Myrtle Beach.

42 Misses’ active separates. Bay Club. Blackballed.

25 Prs. Jr. Gasoline jeans. Unleaded, unthreaded.

5 Jr. jackets. Little horrors.

6 Misses’ Forecaster nylon coats. For storms. Or a good dogfight.

60 Flannel gowns. Influenza specials.

4 Misses’ Dior robes. Tres shock.

6 Evelyn Pearson corduroy robes. Wale-ing in the night.

165 One-size stretch panties. Call Ringling Bros.. then bet.

12 Tap pant/camisole sets. Chorus Line rejects.

36 Warner bras. Assorted styles, colors, even tattletale grey.

28 Ralph Montenero teddies. Who is Ralph Montenero and why is he so mean?

18 Men’s suits. Law, palimony, zoot — you choose.

15 Men’s jackets. Winter … of our discontent.

8 Men’s sportcoats. Last seen on Atlantic City bus.

23 Men’s sweaters. Lambswool. Mutton Jeff specials.

50 Men’s plaid shirts. Why Scotland wants the bomb.

75 Fitted dress shirts. Never remove your jacket.

45 Wool knit ties. Take a moth to lunch.

20 Card cases. For business. There’s no business.

At Fairmount:

23 Prs. earrings. Fashion trashin!

10 Fashion necklaces. From glitz to pits.

1 Directives necklace. Our directive: get it out of here!

1 Directives bracelet. Hand me down.

4 Shawls. Give ’em the cold shoulder.

18 Misses’ blue belts. Patent. Pending.

104 Pr. Brand name pantyhose. Panty whose?

12 Sundresses. Pray for rain.

15 Jr. solid Oxford shirts. Doesn’t Cambridge want equal time?

5 Jr. bow sweaters. Thrown us for a loop!

15 Oxford shirts for buttondown Misses.

12 Misses’ poplin split skirts. Schizophrenic chic.

15 Misses’ blazers. Guess how many have sleeves?

15 Misses’ cashmere sweaters. “Deloux”. “From the loo?”

30 Christie Brinkley separates. Irreconcilable differences.

12 Pr. Jr. Gasoline jeans. Blame ’em on OPEC.

10 Misses’s swimsuits. No wonder nudist camps are thriving.

9 Fake fur coats. PiNK! Bogus Clouseau?

9 Oddball jackets for Jrs. to match.

40 Flannel gowns. Mustard plasters extra.

4 Dior warm gowns. Honest…that’s the best we can say about them!

106 Stretch panties. One size fits all. Boingggg!

32 Christmas print panties. So, who’ll know?

38 Warner Bras. Let’s get this off our chest.

10 Men’s wool sweaters. For this, a sheep shivers?

26 Men’s suedecloth shirts. Just like a car chamois.

45 Wool ties. Handknit by Brownie Troop #104.

20 Business card cases. Brasslike. Crasslike.

26 Men’s plaid caps. Pray that you’re #27.

Because I More Than Favor Thundarr The Barbarian —

Because I believe I am Ookla… I deserve this vintage Ookla The Moc Halloween costume and mask by Ben Cooper. I don’t really have entitlement issues; but I do think I’m entitled to this one thing.

Images and auction via Freddy’s Fleamarket.

This Dog, Space Walked Or Not, Won’t Hunt

I had to snatch-up this self-titled Toni Basil LP (her second album; 1983, Chrysalis Records) for 99 cents.

Inside my head, I’m saying, “Hey, how come I don’t know any of the songs? …Space Walkin’ The Dog has to be awesome!” Pleased with myself, I bring it on home, clean it off (including the pieces of paper from inside the sleeve which are stuck to the edges of the vinyl), and give it a spin on the turntable.

Now I know why I never heard of it.

It truly is unremarkable.

The LP cover has stickers and identifying markings showing this CBS “Promotion Only” copy was previously the property of KVSC, the college radio station for St. Cloud State University, MN. Primarily this is noted because even the alternative college stations couldn’t make this record rock back then; and they don’t want it in their collections now either. This dog, space walked or not, won’t hunt.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t give it another listen. You have to do that just to be sure… Otherwise you sell it and hate yourself for it later — when you have to buy it back at ten times the price.

Been there; can’t afford that.

In any case, the video for Space Walkin’ The Dog has lots of kitsch value:


FYI, there’s just a few hours left on this Charmkins lot we’ve listed on eBay.

For posterity, and future identification, here’s what’s all included:

The 1980’s sensation, Hasbro’s Charmkins – the “scented jewelry playmates”.

This lot includes the plastic Charmkins Jewelry Carrying Case and the following charms / dolls and accessory items:

Dragonweed Mail Order Charmkin
Brown-Eyed Susan (the first one) & her Ribbon Choker
Flower Godmother ChrysantheMum
Blossom Petal Pusher
Half-An-Inchworm (no ID tag, but wears the pink keychain from Petal Pusher)
Sweet Bea and Honey Bee Train
Petal Pink Puppy & Ring Morning Glory & her Bowtie Barrette
Lily Belle
2 Lady Slippers
My Pixie Pony (who looks too much like Hasbro’s My Little Pony to be accidental)

plus a pink picnic table (likely from the Whippoorwill Flower Mill playset) and a pink chord/necklace

Eat Your Strawberry Shortcake & Keep It Too

There are a lot of Wilton Strawberry Shortcake cake pans or molds on eBay, many are even authentic retro items. But we’re the only one with the Strawberry Shortcake Cake Decorating Kit by Wilton.

Included in the box is the heavy aluminum foil Strawberry Shortcake pan and the complete instructions for baking and decorating, which has three variations for decorating: Strawberry Shortcake with a letter, with a greeting card (likely for Valentine’s Day), and with a gift.

Box measures roughly 15 x 12 inches; foil pan is about 14 inches tall (outside edges). Copyright date is 1982, American Greeting Corp.

Something To Match His Keyboard Tie

Why have regular epaulets when you can wear a sparkly keyboard? This retro sparkly vest has black & white piano keys across the back and sticking out on the shoulders and, because that would be too subtle, silver beaded music notes down the front. It’s totally 80s!

Images via Spitfire Vintage Clothing.