Vorr-Trexx The Defender

The 1980s were a golden time for cartoons: they came on at 6am, ran until you had to go to school, then as soon as you walked through the door after school, more cartoons until dinner.  At least it was that way on KVRR, the UHF station that aired Fox affiliate shows in the evening but the rest of the day was a cornucopia of syndicated content.

KVRR was so devoted to children’s programming they even enlist the help of this guy:  Vorr-Trexx the Defender:

Vorr-Trexx The Defender

For the life of me, I don’t remember the dude, who looks like he would have a fine career in pro wrestling if he hadn’t devoted his life to cartoons and other cartoon-like TV programming.   He was so awesome he did in-person appearances when necessary, as documented in these three spots I found on an ancient video tape:

I hope he was well-compensated for this role; the lives of children were at stake!  Or, at least it kept us out of our parents’ hair for a while, which is almost as important.

Because I More Than Favor Thundarr The Barbarian —

Because I believe I am Ookla… I deserve this vintage Ookla The Moc Halloween costume and mask by Ben Cooper. I don’t really have entitlement issues; but I do think I’m entitled to this one thing.

Images and auction via Freddy’s Fleamarket.

Invader Zim On My Fingers, Goldfish On My Toes, I Shall Amaze Wherever I Goes

I am amazed by Jihye Lee Art.

The Invader Zim fingernails I get…

Not so sure about Japanese Goldfish Toenails — fake toenails in general seems a bit odd. But then I don’t like toe rings. Or flip-flops, for that matter.

I’m Pretty Sure This Heralded The End Of American Fitness & Coordination

With the FlipIt, kids just threw stuff down on the ground, ending games of catch.

Ad found inside The New Krofft Supershow comic #2 (1978).

Masters Of The Retro Airwaves

Spotted at an auction at Villiard’s this weekend, a MOTU transistor radio with He-Man on one side…

Skeletor on the other.

I don’t know how much it sold for; not only was it in a box with several other retro transistors, but there were multiple auction rings going on and I missed seeing it actually sell.