FYI, there’s just a few hours left on this Charmkins lot we’ve listed on eBay.

For posterity, and future identification, here’s what’s all included:

The 1980’s sensation, Hasbro’s Charmkins – the “scented jewelry playmates”.

This lot includes the plastic Charmkins Jewelry Carrying Case and the following charms / dolls and accessory items:

Dragonweed Mail Order Charmkin
Brown-Eyed Susan (the first one) & her Ribbon Choker
Flower Godmother ChrysantheMum
Blossom Petal Pusher
Half-An-Inchworm (no ID tag, but wears the pink keychain from Petal Pusher)
Sweet Bea and Honey Bee Train
Petal Pink Puppy & Ring Morning Glory & her Bowtie Barrette
Lily Belle
2 Lady Slippers
My Pixie Pony (who looks too much like Hasbro’s My Little Pony to be accidental)

plus a pink picnic table (likely from the Whippoorwill Flower Mill playset) and a pink chord/necklace

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