He’ll Give You The Answer That You’ll Endorse

This terrified-horse mask has been getting around the internet for quite a while, whether you’re scaring roommates or just watching Google Streetview Car drive by.   Turns out, it’s a $30 piece of amazing that’s available from Amazon — and the user-contributed photos are awesome beyond words.   Go look at the Amazon slideshow, because rather than stealing an Amazon photo I give you this animated GIF instead.  Enjoy.

Via, and via.

Because I More Than Favor Thundarr The Barbarian —

Because I believe I am Ookla… I deserve this vintage Ookla The Moc Halloween costume and mask by Ben Cooper. I don’t really have entitlement issues; but I do think I’m entitled to this one thing.

Images and auction via Freddy’s Fleamarket.

Craft Scan Friday: Nifty Nerds & Space Age Puppets

Nifty nerds posting with groovy kitschy puppets; photo found inside Space Age Puppets and Masks by M. C. Green and B. R. H. Targett, published by Plays, Inc, 1969. (My copy, a stated First American Edition, is available.)