Modern Woman Monday: What Little Girls Want For Christmas In The 50s

From the Aldens Fall and Winter catalog (1957-58), “Girls’ Jr. Homemaking Toys — Let her learn to do things all by herself.”

The Marx Toys three piece kitchen set, stove, sink and refrigerator, $4.99. The Jr. Coca-Cola Dispenser, $2.79.

Modern Woman Mondays: 52 Pick-Up For Realz

In that 1940s Hint Hunt tips booklet,  the “easy and inexpensive trick for reducing” literally is playing a game of 52 pick-up — complete with graphic.

Cod Liver Oil Vs The Laundry

Another one of those “prize winning household hints” from that 1940s Hint Hunt booklet: “Give cod liver oil while the baby is taking a bath and you will avoid staining clothes!”

No word on how to avoid staining the bathtub.

Just Ethel’s Luck

She finally got to the show, finally got a photo of her in her pretty hat published, and there Ethel is – blowing her nose.  …Looks like Johnny’s eating a booger too. Oh, everyone was so proud.

This is the back cover of  “367 prize winning household hints” from The Armour Radio Show Hint Hunt, a booklet from the daily CBS radio show. (Some tips are better than others — or at least the prizes awarded would be different.)

According to the booklet, which looks to be from the 1940s, there was to be a series of Hint Hunt booklets; however, this is the only booklet I’ve seen, the dirty rotten liars.

Modern Woman Mondays: Labor Day Edition

We’ve come a long way, baby, trading in that typewriter for a personal computer, going from skirts to slacks… Of course we’ve also lost the freedom to smoke and fill-out our sweaters. Fair trade? Meh.

You’re A Much More Dedicated Seller Than I

Etsy seller seafoamSAFARI is so dedicated to photographing her vintage wares that she made time at her own wedding to have a photo of herself and the bridesmaids pose with her vintage handkerchief inventory. Well, at least that’s what I think. I could be lying; it might be prom. Or I could just be jealous.

Modern Woman Mondays: “One of the first things a secretary learns is to keep her feet off the desk.”

This week’s Modern Woman Monday is another gem from the February, 1961 issue of Magic Circle; this time not only helping we womenfolk understand proper workplace etiquette, but assisting with the naughty secretary myth. What a lovely pair.

Office procedure is sure to be disrupted if the boss permits such goings-on as this around his place of business. One of the first things a secretary learns is to keep her feet off the desk. The cutie shown here is Angie Dickinson, who isn’t likely to get fired.