Vintage Norwegian Travel Hanky

A vintage “how the Norwegians say it” hankie, presumably so you could politely pretend to sneeze while figuring out what to say — or what was being said to you — on your trip to Norway:

In case the images don’t make things clear (and they didn’t for this person of German descent), here’s a translation (courtesy of hubby, who is of Norwegian descent):

tusen takk = thank you
skål = cheers
pen pike = pretty girl
jeg elsker deg = I love you
værsågod = you’re welcome
god tur = nice trip
morn = ‘morning!
takk for maten = thank you for the meal

While discussing this vintage handkerchief, hubby noted the crosses on all the helmets…

“It’s so you can tell them from the Vikings,” I said.

“Norwegians were Vikings,” he replied.

Über fail for me.

Hanky found at HANKIESANDMORE.

You’re A Much More Dedicated Seller Than I

Etsy seller seafoamSAFARI is so dedicated to photographing her vintage wares that she made time at her own wedding to have a photo of herself and the bridesmaids pose with her vintage handkerchief inventory. Well, at least that’s what I think. I could be lying; it might be prom. Or I could just be jealous.