Bill “Stay-Smoochie” Gordon

An ad from the December 18, 1950 issue of Broadcasting Telecasting showing how much WHK’s Bill Gordon was loved in Cleveland. According Mel Maurer at The Plain Dealer, “Bill was the original ‘wild and crazy guy,’ a comic innovator who helped to pioneer, if not invent, unscripted radio.”


Long Live Radio

As A Tad Too Much Tan For Taupe reports, Gilt Group has a sale on 3ryan Radios: Antique Tube Radios retrofitted into One-of-a-Kind Antique Docking Stations for iPods®. What’s most shocking to me is the number of these pieces which have sold out already.

Chesterfield & NBC

Bookmarks from the collection of Lauren Roberts, who I just interviewed. Lots more there, including a die-cut NBC microphone bookmark. Yeah, I’m a tease.

Does the existence of these vintage bookmarks prove that smoking is bad for your health? …The old paper has lived longer than the smoking stars… Is that what the calenders were there to imply?

(I also interviewed Lauren several times.)

Masters Of The Retro Airwaves

Spotted at an auction at Villiard’s this weekend, a MOTU transistor radio with He-Man on one side…

Skeletor on the other.

I don’t know how much it sold for; not only was it in a box with several other retro transistors, but there were multiple auction rings going on and I missed seeing it actually sell.