I Was So Hoping Her First Name Would Be Ethel

When I read the caption for this photo in A Review of the Educational Motion Picture “The Way To A Man’s Heart”, my first thought was, “Oh, please, let her first name be Ethel!” because I completely fell in love with that name in On Golden Pond. (The fabulous Katharine Hepburn played the fabulously named Ethel Thayer.) But no. Sadly, Miss Thayer’s first name wasn’t Ethel; it was Phoebe.

Modern Woman Mondays & Some Sort Of A Hat Collide

Hey, ladies, “buy by the kit and save” when you make your own hats! From Fox Millinery Supply Spring-Summer Catalog 1966.

And, “Fruit & Berry Hats To Copy” — because, unlike Carmen Miranda, you need “new ideas,” and “helpful hints” to make “‘THOSE’ Clever Small Hats.” (Also included, “Make An Easter & Summer Veil Hat.”) From the 1961 Louie Miller catalog.

Be An Accountant, Man

Sexist ad on the back cover of Ranch Romances & Adventures (May, 1971) which clearly states that men who are trained in accounting are being moved up the ladder to important management positions. Way to go, LaSalle. Did the coursework include how to belittle the female accountants and ways to chase the secretary around the office?

Craft Scan Friday: “Your Home Will Bloom With Color”

This bit of ephemera, Artex Hobby Products, Inc. Pattern Booklet No. 731, copyright 1973, illustrates a bit of the history of women working from home.

Artex Hobby Products, Inc., of Lima Ohio, is no longer in business; but it was a member of the Direct Selling Association. The following scans are of the pages outlining the benefits of becoming an Artex Instructor, i.e. selling the Artex product line via party plans, and the pages for the Artex Painting Class hostesses, who receive Artex merchandise as their Hostess Awards.

You can, quite easily, earn $10 to $100 per week in your spare time, without neglecting your family…by joinng the Artex Family today.

A trip to Paris, a color TV, even a new car could be yours as these are just a few of the many wonderful extras that are awarded to Artex Instructors throughout the year.