Hedda Hopper Hung Out With Dummies

Of course Edgar Bergen as there with Hedda Hopper, Charlie McCarthy, and Hedy LaMarr too. a href=http://www.inherited-values.com/2012/01/vintage-jospeh-jasqur-photos-up-for-auction/ target=_blank>Joseph Jasqur photo via.

Play With Reddy Flame & Reddy Kilowatt

I had a whole plastic baggy full of these vintage / retro plastic toy puppets from NSP Northern States power Co. One side has Reddy Kilowatt, the other Reddy Flame. I’m not sure gas and electricity are things you want to encourage your kids to play with but… Or small plastic bags either. But you can catch the remaining ones at Listia and eBay.

Craft Scan Friday: Nifty Nerds & Space Age Puppets

Nifty nerds posting with groovy kitschy puppets; photo found inside Space Age Puppets and Masks by M. C. Green and B. R. H. Targett, published by Plays, Inc, 1969. (My copy, a stated First American Edition, is available.)

Pee Wee Herman’s A Softy

Since I’m supposed to keep this blog PG-13, I’m not going to say anything else other than all this handmade soft Pee Wee Herman goodness is available right now at Etsy!

Pee Wee felt finger puppet, freestanding embroidered and appliqued figure, felt pin, handmade doll — and you can even crochet your own Pee Wee with this pattern.