“Here Are Your Reading For Meaning Stand-Up Figures” Circa 1966

From the Houghton Mifflin Company, glossy, colored, cardboard die-cut stand-up figures of Janet, Penny, Betty, Jack, Bill, Tip & Mitten — companions to the school text series Reading For Meaning, Fourth Edition, Pre-reading – Grade 6.

I’ve got the set up at eBay, so if your teacher never let you touch these as a kid, now’s your chance to get your hands on ’em!

Here’s the rest of the vintage educational ephemera from the original mailing envelope and info on the ephemera…

Also included, the little light blue flyer titled “A Vital Role?” which tells teachers how to use the figures.

Envelope number I-40234, litho in USA, DN40M366. Flyer, also a litho in USA; RFM/SUE, DN40M466.

No date; circa 1966.

Get What I Got, Glamour Girls

We’re having a rummage sale today, so, being as I’m just sitting around, I’d show you what I’ve got…

How about this hot pink and black girlie stuff?

A Glam As Hell backpack style bag for the bad girl on the go, featuring a devil chick on a moped or scooter; design by A.V. Phibes from Evil Kid Productions. Never used; still has plastic hang-tag on it. Just $10.

For those sex kittens who prefer to stay at home, how about this hot pink and black pillow by Fluff (Acme products). Looks like leather; but it’s not. And guess what, naughty vixen, it’s just $10 too — and tags are still on it. (Just a few scuffs.)

(Sorry, the vintage pink fashion doll case shown in the first pic has sold.)

If you want to buy anything but can’t get here; you can contact me about paying online and having it shipped to you.

Poor Kitty Comment Ketchup

People are still talking at/about our previous kitschy posts, despite the inability for comments to be published, but with Comment Ketchup, we try to keep the extra zest.

Anonymous at Well, At Least The Cat’s Eyes Are Closed:

I think the little petes stickers was from my grandfathers old pottery shop and I think the tail for the puppy used to be air freshener or something. I will ask my mom for sure.

Check Out These Cheesy Retro Underpants

We’re not calling them “cheesy” out of spite — these retro bikini panties include wedges of cheese in the cats and mice circle of life.¬† Set on a backdrop of bright yellow with mod orange polka dots no less.