The Nostalgic Enchanted Forest At Clarkland Farm

The fun-tastic photos of the Enchanted Forest at Clarkland Farm from Lucinda Lunacy have me itching to take a family vacation… Located in Ellicott City, Maryland, the theme-park-slash-petting-zoo will open on Saturday, March 31, for the 2012 season.

When I Was A Bachelor

When I Was A Bachelor, an odd old nursery rhyme from the Little Verses For Very Little People in The Book of Knowledge, circa 1910.

When I was a bachelor I lived by myself,
And all the meat I got I put upon a shelf;
The rats and mice did lead me such a life
That I went to London to get myself a wife.

The streets were so broad and the lanes were so narrow,
I could not get my wife home without a wheel-barrow;
The wheel-barrow broke, my wife got a fall,
Down tumbled wheel-barrow, little wife, and all.